Enrique Foster Ique Malbec

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Enrique Foster

Enrique Foster Ique Malbec

  • $20.69 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $22.99

    per item

From a winemaker with the objective of producing nothing less than the best Malbec in Argentina comes a drop so great, you'll be backing them at first sip.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina, the Ique Malbec from Enrique Foster is an exemplary bottle of the delicious South American red. Using a "gravity flow" technique built from the ground up, the Ique benefits from the delicate touch of physics to reach a quality and flavour synonymous with one of Argentina's most committed and talented Malbec makers. Expect red fruits, white pepper and many a glorious gulp.

A winemaker at the forefront of Melbac production nestled in the heart of the grape's home. What better way to meet great expectations than with an even greater glass of Malbec?