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Black Estate
NZ - Waipara Valley
Riesling - Dry
New Zealand


Forget pointing out the alcohol content and tasting notes - with the Black Estate Riesling, you'll be scratching your head as to why on earth there isn't a "severe drool warning" in the world's boldest lettering.

Mouth-watering deliciousness from the mountains of New Zealand's Waipara Valley, the Black Estate Riesling is that one wine you're simultaneously frightened and frothing to get stuck into. I mean, no one enjoys donning an adult bib amongst peers, but when the payoff is this tasty, this refreshing... We're frankly scared of what you won't do to get your hands on a glass.

Socially acceptable saliva supervision ain't even a thing when you've got a bottle of Black Estate's Riesling, so get around this drool-inducing drop of dry today.