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Wine Republic


Explore around the world with one of the best winemakers ever, Michel Chapoutier as we take you through a selection of their best current wines.

From classic French Gamay through to the locally made wines from the Pyrenees, come on a great adventure with us.

The Chapoutier Round the World Dozen features:

1x Trenel Beaujolais Blanc
1x Trenel Coteaux Bourguignons
1x Trenel Fleurie Rougue
1x Dominio Del Soto Crianza
1x Dominio Del Soto
1x Malakoff Shiraz
1x Eleivera Branco
1x Chateau des Ferrages ‘Mon plaisir’ Clairette/Vermentino
1x Pinteivera Branco
1x Rueda Verdejo Blanc
1x Shay's Flat Cabernet
1x Shay's Flat Shiraz