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Sauvignon Blanc
Margaret River
Sauvignon Blanc


This is an absolute stunner. The palate unfurls with an extraordinary depth of flavours and textures that pay homage to the very essence of the grape variety. It's a wine that embodies elegance and restraint, yet carries an intense presence. Picture an extended procession of guava, lychee, red apple skin, white stone fruit, exotic spices, all with an intriguing twist featuring anise and a hint of pink peppercorn.

As you take in its aroma, the wine teases with fragrances of elderflowers, guava, entire passionfruit, all with a subtle undercurrent of creaminess. There's an undeniable purity and a poised, almost zen-like restraint that exudes from every sip.

Focused, elegant, and yet brimming with intensity – it's the epitome of equilibrium. There's a graceful finesse intertwined with an extended symphony of flavours that continues to crescendo.

Pair it with pan-fried crab cakes, a classic roast chicken, seared lobster accompanied by wild mushrooms and slow-roasted tomatoes, or perhaps an aged chevre – it's a wine that elevates any culinary experience to new heights.