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Denton View Hill Wines
Yarra Valley
Chardonnay - Dry
Vegan Friendly


This is truly a rare sight in the Australian wine scene and this Yellow Chardonnay left a lot of critics absolutely stunned.

This was Denton View Hill's Chardonnay from 2015 by the legendary Luke Lambert, however something went not to plan during the fermentation process.

Luke noticed a slight flor (which is a natural veil of yeast) had developed on the top of two of the barrels. As this was a strange development, he took these two barrels away from the rest of their Chardonnay and left it to continue naturally doing whatever was happening.

The result was more akin to the famous wine from Jura in France 'Vin Jaune' and this is simply epic. Loads of flinty character that you would expect from Denton's Chardonnay but paired with almond meal and cheesy/waxy flor characteristics have made this a unique and special wine.