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Pinot Noir
Domaine Dupre
France - Burgundy
Pinot - Light


Firm believers in the practices of "reasoned viticulture" and "reasoned agriculture", Domaine Dupre's love of the land is every bit tastable in their exquisite Bourgogne Rouge.

Each parcel monitored, each employee expertly trained and each bottle a resounding "nature first" expression of the soil, the Bourgogne Rouge is no exception to the exquisite red collection of Domaine Dupre. Light in body, it possesses the expected Bourgogne black fruit aroma with a flavour of dark cherries and spice that keeps you yearning for another mouthful.

A deliciously light drop from the world's best soil treated with the world's best care. It's no surprise that the Domaine Dupre Bourgogne Rouge is a tremendously good red.