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The Wanderer
Spain - Catalonia
Red Varietal - Full Bodied


The El Wanderer Carinyena is the tucked-away gem that we all hope to uncover in our lifetime. Discovered tomorrow or years from now, there's no need to fret, because this Yarra Valley winemaker is more than happy to share its secret slice of Spanish paradise.

One hundred year old Carinyena bush vines on the border of Spain and Italy where the Pyrenees roll down to kiss the sea. Born in the little-known Emporda wine region of Spain, there's no question as to how singularly special the Carinyena from The Wanderer is. Rustic and complex with a rich compote of berries, it's a red as unique and lavish as its charming Catalan casa.

If you want to lose yourself in a truly distinct wine, then you can do no better than the El Wanderer Carinyena, a veritable tastebud ravisher from a hidden patch of heaven.