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Whiskey - Rye
The Helsinki Distilling Co.
Whisky - Non Peated


Helsinki Whiskey's 100% Rye Malt is an embodiment of full-bodied finesse, meticulously crafted from the finest Finnish rye malts and nurtured within carefully chosen oak casks. A Helsinki first, it masterfully harmonizes sweetness and spiciness, all while retaining the distinctive rye character that lies at its core—an exemplar of HDCO's commitment to taste equilibrium.

Release #17, a blend of six casks, handpicked by the astute Master Blender, Kai Kilpinen. These 55-liter French oak and 200-liter virgin American oak casks cradle this spirit for a minimum of three years, yielding a treasure trove of aromas and flavors.

The nose unveils vanilla and caramel kissed by oak, alongside the rich essence of malted rye and freshly baked rye loaf, all adorned with hints of honey and dark chocolate. On the palate, it's a deep and opulent journey with notes of vanilla, dried apricots, toffee, liquorice, herbal undertones, and even a subtle embrace of dark roasted coffee. A drop of water unleashes the cask's tannins while moderating the sweetness.

As for the denouement, the whiskey lingers on the palate, leaving a trail of rye whiskey's trademark spiciness, especially the bold presence of white pepper.