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Shiraz - Light


Legend tells of ancient Persian King Jamsheed fermenting grapes into poison... And also of his dubious wine knowledge, because said "poisons" turned into delicious healing elixirs that paved the way for the sensational Pyren Syrah. Yay for serendipity!

Sitting on the all-welcoming fence separating medium and full body Shirazes, the Pyren Syrah is a stunning drop from the pink granite soil of Victoria's Pyrenees region. Dark berries and an intense battle between sweet and savoury make for a flavour-torn topography and mineral zestiness that'll have you charging back into the fray with glass in hand.

A fully flavoured complex elixir fit for any king, you'd happily enter the afterlife with a bottle of Jamsheed's tasty "toxin" that is the Pyren Syrah.