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France - Chablis
Chardonnay - Dry


With over a hundred hectares of premium vineyards to their name and even more years of experience, the Laroche Petit Chablis is an excellent Chardonnay for the most devoted of quaffers.

Founded in 1850, French winemaker Laroche know a thing or two about making exceptional wine. The delicious result of pooling their talents with expert local winemakers, the Laroche Petit Chablis is a dry Chardonnay with flavours of green apple and white fruits, brought to life with an expertly balanced "one more glass, please" acidity. A true indulgence for anyone on Team Chardy.

A pedigree-packed bottle of flavour, the Petit Chablis from Laroche is anything but little when it comes to taste and value, so get your hands on a bottle as soon as you can.