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Pinot Noir
Le Fou
France - Languedoc
Pinot - Light


French for "The Madman", it's a more than fitting name for a winemaker bonkers enough to grow Pinot Noir in the very south of France, miles from its proven home in Burgundy.

Proving that crazy can often translate into crazy good in the right hands, this Languedoc born light Pinot Noir from French winemaker Le Fou may have many of their compatriots turning up their noses, but it'll have you drinking the day away in style. Lusciously light lunacy in a bottle, expect a unique sweet berry intensity with a moreish savouriness that's certifiably packed with value.

If insanity tastes this good, then cart us off to the nearest padded cell with a carton of Le Fou Pinot Noir. One taste and we guarantee that you'll want to shack up with us.