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Sauvignon Blanc
Lucy M Wines
Adelaide Hills
Sauvignon Blanc
Organic Practices, Vegan Friendly


Anton von Klopper is synonymous to Rolling Stones of the natural world.  Famous for creating wild and different brews that speak of nature and embracing his nickname of Wildman in his winemaking style these wines are not for the faint hearted.

Adelaide Hills produces some of Australia's best Sauvignon Blancs.  Famed for having extremely perfumed tropical flavours Anton made it his mission to extract as much from the juices of the fruit as possible when making this wine.

Sauvignon Blanc is not only fermented on its skins but added back in for more extraction even after fermenting and pressing.... taking flavour extraction to 1000. 

The wine is slightly cloudy golden colour. A perfumed richness of Turkish delight served in a dank cave with beeswax candles flickering gently and enchanting games of chess being played by ‘the in crowd’, lucid fluidity coats and a harmonic rhythm on your tongue.

Please note this is a natural wine product and variations in each bottle is expected. It is also not filtered or fined so there is expected sediment in the bottle.  Do expect flavours you have never had before. This product is extremely limited