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Blaufrankisch,Shiraz,St Laurent
Muhr-van Der Niepoort
Austria - Carnuntum
Red Varietal - Medium


Exploding onto the scene with a rapidity that probably outdoes your tongue's attempt at this exceptional winemaker's name, Austrian wine is well and truly in fashion. Taste the latest and greatest digs with the Cuvee vom Berg.

Made from a luscious blend of Syrah, Austrian Blaufrankisch and Saint Laurent grapes, this exotic jaunt through the cobblestoned streets of Tasty Town is a midweight, punchy seductress. Crack it open and you'll be met with a brilliant bouquet of fresh flowers and herbs deftly leading into bunches of berries and clean acidity. Crazy delicious and crazy drinkable.

I know you're still trying to pronounce it (as are we), but have a sip of the Muhr-Van Der Niepoort vom Berg and you'll wonder why you wasted all that time talking when you could have been drinking.