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Pinot Gris
White Varietal - Dry


Proving that some things don't translate as well to the workplace as they do to the vineyard, Oakdene's meticulous vine micro-management has seen their grapes produce some absolutely cracking bottles for years. Case in point: the Ly Ly Pinot Gris.

Pure, crisp and vibrant, the Oakdene Ly Ly is not unlike the fresh ream of paper in the office photocopier... Only much, much tastier in every possible way. Brash tropical fruits balanced with a moreish mineral edge make it a deliciously drinkable Pinot Gris for the price. Salmony in colour, it'll go beautifully with any fresh fillet, too.

At Wine Republic, we don't condone shirking your employment duties, but if you had a bottle of Oakdene's Ly Ly Pinot Gris waiting for you at home, we'd understand.