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Payten & Jones
Yarra Valley
Red Varietal - Light


From one of Australia's most innovative, inventive and free-wheeling winemakers comes a drop of red that they themselves liken to living in the now... And tempting fate just a tad. Oh, boy.

With a name that translates to the mythical daughter of Poseidon in Latin and "a naive mind" in Greek, it's best to simply stick with the direct bottle-to-tastebud translation of the Payten & Jones Leuconoe: a drop of sweet Sangiovese splendour that changes before your eyes. It's an experimental nymph with a metamorphic moreishness and dare we say, it's quite crazy even for the blokes at P&J.

So dance with this extremely limited drop while you can, because with a taste this unique, it won't be in the corporeal realm for long.