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Mornington Peninsula
Chardonnay - Oaky


Hone in on the world-leading Champagnes from our friends in France and you'd think that a minimum of 100 years and 4 generations of experience is necessary to make a seriously cracking wine. The characteristically rich Polperro Mill Hill Chardonnay says otherwise; and we absolutely agree.

Adhering strictly to single vineyard bottles from the Mornington Peninsula, relatively young producer, Polperro are driven first and foremost by a belief in site expression. You can be sure, then, that this exquisite Chardonnay, smacking of an intense peachy goodness, is only as great as it is because its soil - lovingly and freely chosen by founder, Sam Coverdale - allows it to be a true representation of its kind.

It's a wine that invites you in, mollycoddles the senses and abruptly kicks you out, all the while knowing that you're already by the door waiting for another sip. You'd be crazy not to enjoy its unique hospitality by the glassful today.