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Spain - Rioja
Red Varietal - Light
Organic Practices,


Rioja, the most illustrious wine growing region in Spain, but often grossly misrepresented by a slew of overly manipulated wines. Thankfully for us, the delicious Prana Tempranillo isn't one of them.

Coming from the vineyard of founders Martin Alonso and Gloria Plaza, the Prana Tempranillo is a true expression of the succulent Spanish grape. Biodiverse techniques, carbonic maceration and even travelling to Japan to learn from Masanobu Fukuoka - the pioneer of "do nothing" farming - all go into making this red fruit infused beauty the perfect drop for light red lovers.

Purity and passion together in the Rioja. Discover the true talent of Spanish soil with a bottle of the Prana Tempranillo. It's as delicious as it gets.