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Tequila - Blanco


There’s a Mexican saying that you don’t find Mezcal, it finds you. Mezcal found Melanie Symonds in 2011, in the hills behind Puerto Escondido on the Oaxacan coast. To cut a long story short, what was meant to be a six-week holiday became a six-month immersion into Mezcal folklore and culture and spawned one of the agave spirit’s most authentic and sustainable drink brands. Each Mezcal in the range comes from a single producer with strict adherence to the Norma Oficial Mexicana Artisanal category.

Here six generations of Mezcal production precede QuiQuiRiQui's producer Carlos Méndez. Beautifully crafted in Santiago Matatlán from 100% espadín agaves, it's a bold and complex spirit with intense, roasted agave flavours, perfect for mixing or sipping.