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Sliabh Liag Distillery
Ireland - Donegal
Gin - Dry


Dulaman is the name of an Irish folk song that relates to a conversation between seaweed collectors and is also the name of the Gin Seaweed that Sliabh Liag has used to create the very first Gin distilled in Donegal.

The coast around Sliabh Liag holds amazing bounties for those that will be willing to forage and this is what they have done, foraging the best possible maritime botanicals and created a Gin with unique and stunning flavour.

Sliabh Liag captures 'Draiocht na Farraige' otherwise known as the magic of the sea to create An Dulaman, which uses 5 locally harvested varieties of seaweed in addition to 6 other botanicals.

With a good salty saline note balanced by amazing citrus and spice, this is truly one of the most unique Gin's currently available in Australia.