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Yelland and Papps
Barossa Valley
Shiraz - Full Bodied


Widely regarded as the poster boy of "New Barossa", red renegades Yelland & Papps are a husband and wife team reinvigorating the Valley with wines of innovative distinction. Behold the Second Take Shiraz.

"Barossa Shiraz, but not as you know it". A fresh take on the old classic, the Second Take Shiraz differentiates itself with a unique sense of airiness imparted by stem-intact whole bunches comprising half of the ferment. A back-in-fashion rustic technique, it makes for a plummy, spicy drop with a modern spaciousness that'll have your tastebuds doing a double-take.

A new-fangled New Barossa classic, you'll definitely be taking more than a second glass of Yelland & Papps' Second Take Shiraz.