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Yelland and Papps
Barossa Valley
Red Varietal - Medium


"A thirst for wine" is the rather apt translation for Yelland & Papps Sete Di Vino and a thirst is exactly what you'll once this stunning blend hits your tongue.

The Sete Di Vino is a midweight red wonder driven by a simple desire: to utilise the most simpatico grapes from a given vintage and produce a wine that is downright glorious to drink. With notes of dried orange rind and dark licorice throughout an energetic body, the Sete Di Vino blend of besties in Primitivo and Barbera is the epitome of being "downright lovely to drink".

A pure delight from one of Barossa's most daring, the Sete Di Vine will have you quenching joyously into the night.