Champagne Billecart Salmon Sous Bois

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Champagne Billecart Salmon Sous Bois

  • $139.49 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $154.99

    per item

The Billecart-Salmon Sous Bois is an expressive, delectable Champagne - vinified in oak, this light wine has a deep richness and indulgent oakiness that truly marks it as one of the winemaker's finest.

The House of Billecart-Salmon began in 1818 with the marriage of Nicolas Francois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon - for nearly two hundred years, their descendents have tended to the family cellars in the village of Mareuil-sur-Ay. Using a variety of grapes from Epernay, a location where the Grand Crus of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir all grow together, the House of Billecart-Salmon continually receives global praise for its finessed non-vintage wines.

With subtle creaminess softening its tart crispness, the Billecart-Salmon Sous Bois is an enticingly layered creation, and one that stands on its own amongst Champagne's finest.