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KT Wines

KT Pazza Riesling

  • $26.99 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $29.99

Pazza' is the Italian word for 'crazy', but with KT Pazza Riesling's seemingly wild contradictions - spritzy and unfiltered, oaky and wild-fermented, off-dry and savoury - it's clear that there's a method in this madness.

The passionate creation of Clare Valley winemaker Kerri Thompson, KT Pazza Riesling uses some of the finest grapes the South Australian township of Watervale has to offer and ferments them in 12-year old French Oak barrels for three months.

Bold, contrasting flavours and textures all find a comfortable, balanced home in KT Pazza Riesling - an exciting, innovative Clare Valley white wine.