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Innocent Bystander

Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris

  • $20.69 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $22.99

The Pinot Gris from Innocent Bystander is a star witness with a tasty testimony - silky smooth in texture and vivaciously refreshing in citrusy sharpness, it's an absolute winner. That's the truth and nothing but the truth!

Made with a blend of Yarra Valley and King Valley Pinot Gris grapes, Innocent Bystander finds a perfect balance between fruitiness and tang. Lightly perfumed and freshly aromatic, it is a white wine packed with pear and green apple flavours.

Innocent Bystander are taking the wine world by storm, and with products this good, it isn't hard to see why.