Vinteloper Odeon Riesling

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Vinteloper Odeon Riesling

  • $39.59 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $43.99

    per item

The word 'Odeon' traces back to Ancient Greece, literally meaning 'singing place' - extremely fitting, we think, because when you taste the mellow, honey-sweet tones of the radiant Vinteloper Odeon Riesling, you'll be singing its praises.

An Adelaide Hills operation, Vinteloper is helmed by Renaissance man David Bowley - artist, DJ, winemaker, it's clear that creativity comes first with this innovative young producer, and that wine can be a true expression of art.

A minimalistic take on classic Adelaide Hills Riesling, Vinteloper Odeon Riesling is made without additives or complex mechanics - simple wine that's simply divine.