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Brash Higgins

Brash Higgins RSM

  • $35.09 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $38.99

    per item

A field blend unique to Brash Higgins, this Riesling/Semillon blend is made using a variety of grapes from the same patch of vineyard. They are picked together, pressed together and fermented together all on the same day.

Mineral earthy flavours contrast harmoniously with sour margarita in this surprising and quirky wine. The wine was only lightly filtered, and as such a little of the grape sediment is left to add character in the bottle.

Bringing together all the things you love about a Riesling, Brash will circumnavigate your preconceived notions by adding their Semillon. A divergence of flavours that converge to charm any drinker, casual or experienced.