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Louis Bouillot

Louis Bouillot Perle d'Vigne

  • $28.79 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $31.99

    per item

Louis Bouillot Perle De Vigne is made in Burgundy but drinks like Champagne - quite the achievement, oui? This Perle De Vigne is made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, a classic combination found in many beautiful sparkling wines. A fantastic bargain, this wine was made for dinner party celebrations - or really celebrations of any kind. At the price, random weeknights can be celebrated too!

Louis Bouillot is a master of Cote d'Or winemaking. He combines 30 years of experience with decades old vines to produce modern classics. By using organic farming methods, Bouillot allows the grapes to speak for themselves, creating wines with refined and nuanced flavours that can hold their own with the best of Burgundy.