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Delas Saint Esprit Rhone Rouge

  • $18.69 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $19.99

As rewarding as watching your grandfather play Solitaire on an iPad, this is what happens when a producer with over 160 years' experience embraces cutting-edge technology to not only maintain a world-class standard, but up the ante even more.

Employing special vats that handle the grapes with an unprecedented delicateness, Delas' vinification process allows the Saint Esprit Rhone to truly thrive, resulting in an intense and excellently valued Shiraz for even the most discerning enthusiast. Who says the classics can't benefit from a little 21st century tender love and care?

So pick up a bottle or two of Delas' Saint Esprit Rhone Rouge and discover the peerless taste and value of heart-warming sentimentality.