Settlers Rare Dry Gin

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Settler's Gin

Settlers Rare Dry Gin

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For countless years, gin and the sea have shared a bond stronger than the resolve of a weathered sea captain. So when you put an actual retired captain and Settlers founder, Rowland Short, behind the ship wheel of Australia's artisanal gin movement, you get one hell of a spirited spirit.

Crafted in the McLaren Vale, this veritably old school gin is Rowland's homage to the spirit's historical roots enlivened with a healthy dose of down under. As with any good gin, juniper botanicals are in abundance, but it's the inclusion of local saltbush and cranberries using a slow-burn distilling process that gives the Settlers Rare Dry Gin a distinctively bright and defined flavour.

As sublime as it is unique, the Settlers Rare Dry Gin is old wave converging on new and a must-have at the bow of any respectable spirit cabinet.