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Moondarra After Kathleen White Blend

  • $25.19 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $27.99

The best wines are made not only with excellent grapes, soil and technique, but with a healthy dose of appreciation. Named after a dear friend who helped birth the Moondarra vineyard, the After Kathleen white blend is as tasty as homages get.

A combination of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Friulano grapes, the Moondarra After Kathleen is as inspired as its namesake's influence on the Moondarra family, delivering a flavourful hit of ripe stone fruits effortlessly punctuated by a refreshing acidity; it's as good and inviting as any white you've tasted.

Have one glass of the After Kathleen and you'll be wanting to indulge before Kathleen, during Kathleen, when you've not even seen Kathleen for the day... You get the drift.