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Reed Wines

Reed Knife Edge Shiraz

  • $29.69 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $32.99

    per item

The Reed Knife Edge Shiraz is an exemplary bottle from a talented young winemaker hoping to bring you as much joy in the drinking as she had in the making. A foregone conclusion with a taste this exquisite, if you ask us.

Pristinely natural and naturally pristine, this offering from Reed Wines is a new-age bottle that embraces the purity of simply being. Unfiltered and devoid of post-production additives, this oak-aged red from the Grampians' Hyde Park Vineyard possesses a complexity and weight reminiscent of its siblings in the Yarra Valley, whilst holding to its own uniquely elegant balance.

Bottled purity for the love of wine and the making, the Reed Knife Edge Shiraz is glass after glass of pure joy that will have you wanting to thank founder Sierra Reed personally.