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Two Blind Mice

High Voltage Shiraz

  • $23.39 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $25.99

When the back label screams at you to "enjoy with amps turned to 11", you've not only got an awesome Spinal Tap reference, but a deliciously slurpable drop that is the Proud High Voltage Shiraz.

Flying out of the speakers from viticulturist come winemaker Stuart Proud - who also happens to be the drummer for the Yeastie Boys, Australia's best wine industry rock 'n' roll cover band - the High Voltage Shiraz is a bold and savoury expression of an Aussie favourite. Chocolate, port and even Black Forest cake pound at the kickdrum of your senses, whilst an underlying smooth-jazz brightness keeps you coming back again and again like a KISS "final" reunion tour.

As wild as its name suggests, but keeping the mosh at arm's length, the High Voltage Shiraz is balanced, drinkable fun in a bottle that'll have you shouting encore at the end of your glass.