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Gemtree Gemstone Chardonnay

  • $13.49 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $14.99

Home to 50,000 native trees and a slew of local wildlife, the vineyards of Gemtree are very much the wine workshop of nature; and nature knows a thing or two about an awesome Chardy.

A classic Aussie Chardonnay, the Gemtree Gemstone range is an oaky Chardonnay with a slight heft, creamy texture and moreish acidity. It's all about Mother Nature's willingness to keep the good times rolling and the good wines flowing, which is exactly what you can do with this exceptionally valued bottle.

Organically driven quality that affords quantity. Grab a few bottles of the Gemtree Gemstone Chardonnay and invite the neighbouring wildlife over for one tasty time.