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Payten & Jones

Payten and Jones 'VV' Syrah

  • $22.49 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $24.99

Standing for "Valley Vignerons", this pair of winemaking blokes from the Yarra Valley are in the business of producing real, uncut drops that are as true an expression of the soil as you'll ever taste.

Unfiltered and untamed, the Valley Vigneron Syrah from Payten and Jones is a light-on-its-heels Shiraz with a flavour as interesting as it is pure; plums, packaged grape juice and even a handful of red snake lollies are all evident in this clean and fresh drop that's packed full of life - much like its wine-adoring creators.

Like a sketchily mixed live gig in a mate's paddock, the Payten and Jones VV Syrah is raw untouched wine for the real drinker. Get around it.