Denton View Hill Chardonnay

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Denton View Hill Wines

Denton View Hill Chardonnay

  • $36.89 per bottle
    In a case of 12

  • $40.99

    per item

A vineyard nestled in a granite plug forged 370 million years ago and today making for one devastatingly delicious white in the form of the Denton View Hill Chardonnay.

It's a shame that granite bases aren't all that abundant in the renowned Yarra Valley region, because in the right hands, they bear some seriously smashing grapes. Exemplifying this no better, the Denton View Hill Chardonnay is a distinctive white possessing grapefruit aromas, citrus flavours and a lovely savoury creaminess - definitely a wine for the bloke who loves oak.

Intensely interesting wine from topographic terroir like no other, the Denton View Hill Chardonnay is a stunning expression of the varietal from some of Australia's greatest grape grounds.