Dormilona Chardonnay

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Dormilona Chardonnay

  • $40.49 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $44.99

    per item

"Let's roll in the hay with this little Chardonnay". We can't say it much better than Dormilona themselves, so we'll just dispense with the metaphors: you simply need to drink away the day with this delicious Chardonnay.

From a producer making waves in the Margaret River, the Dormilona Chardonnay is a wonderful white brimming with organic and biodynamic brilliance. Hand-picked and pressed in terracotta, it's a drop of minimal intervention winemaking and maximum taste wine drinking; big fruity flavour perfect for filling any glass at any time of the day.

Fresh, flavourful and utterly unputdownable, the Dormilona Chardonnay is nothing short of sheer Chardy excellence - not metaphorically speaking.