Umathum Koniglicher Tafelwein

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Weingut Umathum

Umathum Koniglicher Tafelwein

  • $62.09 per bottle
    In a case of 6

  • $68.99

    per item

From an Austrian winemaker adhering to a philosophy truly respecting the art of growth, the Umathum Koniglicher Tafelwein is a magnificent white blend so good, it's actually forbidden.

Okay, so this is actually down to Austrian wine laws prohibiting certain grapes, but don't let that take away from just how amazing this white wine is. Born from the organic agriculture and biodynamic processes comprising the cornerstones of the Umathum estate, the Koniglicher Tafelwein is a honey-scented drop possessing bright fruit flavour and characterful intrigue.

There's only one liquid law the Koniglicher Tafelwein abides by; and that's to deliver exquisite taste with each sip. Grab a bottle and live on wine's wild side today!