There isn’t too much you can buy with a $100 note these days. You can barely get away with going to see a movie with your mate and enjoy a popcorn and soft drink. That doesn’t mean you can’t experience one of Melbourne’s coolest streets on a green bill budget.


Here’s what a good time on Brunswick Street looks like for less than $100.




Doughnuts have made their way to the top of the hipster food chain along with burgers and fried chicken. No longer your ordinary cake with a hole, places like Doughnut Time are rocking doughnuts with flavours like matcha tea, smores and nostalgic favourites like Tim-Tam or Nutella. There’s even something for the vegans.


Price: $6 ($94 remaining)

Address: 377 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy




With plenty of coffee spots around Fitzroy, why not try something different. Using a Proud Mary Coffee single origin offering, Stagger Lee’s brews their cold drip coffee overnight. Using cold water and ice, this Breaking Bad-like contraption makes coffee like you’ve never tasted before. Naturally sweeter, this style of coffee will have you tasting all sorts of flavours you wouldn't usually find in your strong soy latte.


Price: $6 ($88 remaining)

Address: 276 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




There’s no better feeling than putting on a crisp white t-shirt. Originally from New Zealand, AS Colour wholesale a lot of your favourite clothing brands with their garments before they throw on all their graphics and logos. Lucky for us they have a shop on Brunswick Street which sells their products unadulterated and at a good price. Have that torso looking fresh without the hefty price tag.


Price: $22 ($66 remaining)

Address: 294 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




Finally! Something that won’t cost you money. Brunswick Street Art Gallery is the home of up and coming inspiration. Regular rotating artists to appease the right-side of your brain. Here is one of those spots you can quite easily lose track of time and be left asking – ‘Where are my Derwents?’.

Price: Free entry

Address: 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




For those who still refuse to download the Spotify app and like to spin a bit of wax while entertaining guests, Vinyl Revival is the home and heaven to satisfy the audiophile. Sure you can drop $40 on that brand new LP or you can spend $3 on any pre-loved vinyl. You might just get lucky spending a fraction of the amount on that Bowie, Beatles or B.B King.


Price: $3 Pre-loved vinyls ($63 remaining)

Address: 405 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




All the locals know of this institution as the go-to for all your Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American grocery and deli supplies. But not everyone knows that you can get them to whip you up one mean sub straight from the deli and fill it until your heart's content. All you need to do is grab a roll and point to all the ingredients you'd like through the glass like a child in a lolly shop. The price is made by guesstimate before the transaction, but for a sanga with a choice of cold meat, cheese and a couple of pickled ingredients, you're looking at about $6.50-$9.


Price: $8 ($55 remaining)

Address: 25 Johnston St, Fitzroy




In the vein of pre-loved goods that still have a lot of love to give, you can’t look much further than Grub Street Bookstore. Despite its name, it's one of Brunswick Streets longest standing bookstores and is known for having ‘that book’ you thought that nobody else would have. Bargains are often found on a trestle table out the front, but don’t be shy to dig through the treasures enchanting the inside of this timeless retailer.


Price: $7 ($48 remaining)

Address: 1/379 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




Come any weekend to Brunswick Street and you’ll be sure to pass Grant, the Rose Street Market usher. Grant’s job is to point you in the direction of the markets where a Fitzroy junkyard once stood. The market houses the work of up to 70 local artists and designers, some emerging and some more established. The stalls display all sorts of handmade things like sweet smelling soaps, resin jewellery, laser-cut leather goods, beaker candles, quirky cards, teeny tiny succulents and everything else you wish you could make. It’s no feat to take home a keepsake for less than $30 here.


Price: $25 ($23 remaining)

Address: 60 Rose St, Fitzroy




Just up the road from The Rose Street Artists’ Market you’ll find a two story car park. Pretty exciting right? Not really. But what is exciting is that in this carpark you’ll find every single wall commissioned and filled with life by over 50 different street artists. A great place for a snap or a view of the CBD from the second level.


Price: Free ($23 remaining)

Address: 75 Rose St, Fitzroy




Taking out a second mortgage doesn’t have to be involved when it comes to buying good wine. With classy but not costly options from the Wine Republic range, you can have a cleanskin (meaning a wine from a winemaker not indicated on the bottle, not a second class wine) or your next favourite bottle found on the ‘Top wines for under $20’ table. The Finding Places Chardonnay goes for only $9.99 and it makes the perfect companion to many a Fitzroy picnic.


Price: $9.99 ($13.00 remaining)

Address: 265 Brunswick St, Fitzroy




You’ve been walking all day and you’re going to need somewhere to enjoy that Chardonnay. What better place than the north side of Melbourne’s favourite hang out spot? With BBQs, a skate bowl, permanent table tennis tables, basketball rings and off-leash dog areas, welcome to your weekend nirvana. Alcohol can be consumed between 9am – 9pm (so you won’t get done for enjoying your new favourite wine) and a Mr Burger truck frequents the park during peak times, just in case you’re wondering what to do with your final tenner.


Price: Free entry, Mr Burger $10 ($3.00 remaining)

Address: Alfred Cres, Fitzroy North

Now you have a spare $3.00 for when we visit High Street, Northcote. Don’t spend it all at once.