For time and a century a standout amongst takeaway options has been the ol’ faithful pizza. Now we could take up your time and bore you with which white wine goes with your Thai red curry or we could feed you something relevant, like pizza and beer matching!




Three little words. La Sirene Saison. Saison has funkiness which pairs well with the mushroom and brings out a mix of sweetness and saltiness of the anchovies (if you’re into that kinda thing) on a Capricciosa.




Spicy salami and jalapenos call for a beer that kicks you as hard as the chili but bails you out with a refreshing finish. You definitely want a floral IPA here. Our pick is the fittingly named Stone Delicious IPA. An aromatic, citrusy ale with botanical highlights and ultra delicious like its namesake.




Pineapple on a Hawaiian Pizza always takes us back wearing budgie smugglers around Aunty Cath’s pool on a scorching summer’s day, snacking on freshly cut fruit platters. And nothing screams summer more than budgie smugglers or your summer essential – the fruity Stone and Wood Pacific Ale. A sip of this beer and a slice of Hawaiian Pizza will send your taste buds flying to the beaches of Waikiki or just take you back to the days of Aunty Cath’s pool!




Crispy rashers of fatty Aussie bacon and runny eggs call for a beer that can cut through the richness of this ‘excuse to have breakfast for dinner’ pizza. Try the Two Metre Tall Huon Dark Apple Beer – tastes like a caramelised granny smith apple with chocolatey Malteaser vibes.




Moon Dog Jumping the Shark

What is the perfect match for that Nutella pizza dessert? The Moon Dog Jumping the Shark 2015. This Imperial Stout has been aged in rye whisky barrels and cold distilled to a whopping 18.4% ABV. It is a sweet, nutty complex that will satisfy any sugar hungry fiend.