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Gin - New World


The latest addition to the innovative Kyneton distillery's lineup, Animus Gin's Octet is a twist on the classic London Dry Gin style. Unlike their higher-proof Gins, Octet boasts a more traditional 40% abv and highlights juniper over the citrusy notes found in their Macedon Dry and similar offerings. Named for its use of eight botanicals, including locally sourced fig leaf and first-press extra virgin olive oil, Octet showcases Animus's strong ties to the region.

This gin delivers on both taste and appearance, thanks to Animus's commitment to top-quality ingredients and painstaking attention to detail. Anticipate robust juniper flavours paired with the sweet and spicy essence of fig leaf, while the extra virgin olive oil lends a herbal, grassy undertone and luxurious texture. True to form, the Animus team strikes a perfect balance, resulting in a beautifully crafted, flavourful gin designed with the discerning trade audience in mind. Octet is a departure from the familiar Animus style, but one that confidently stakes its place as a top choice for any bar's lineup.