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Catena Zapata
Argentina - Mendoza
Chardonnay - Oaky


Catena Chardonnay is a blend from three high-altitude vineyards, displaying a vivid greenish colour with yellow tones. The fusion of these vineyards yields a wine rich in honey and tropical fruit flavours, accompanied by hints of citrus, pear, peach, and white flowers, all accentuated by a robust minerality and a delicate touch of vanilla. The palate is refreshing, marked by a crisp acidity.

After years of exploration in Mendoza's high-altitude mountain terroirs, the Catena family has identified special sites for its Estate vineyards. The resulting wine, a product of these historic vineyards, showcases a unique character with inherent balance, concentration, and a clear varietal identity.

The Catena Chardonnay stands as a vibrant and harmonious expression, featuring a well-balanced and fresh profile. It offers elegant, subtle aromas of white flowers, a lingering, dry finish with pure flavours, subtle oak nuances, and an impressive overall balance.