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Castello Della Sala
Italy - Umbria
Chardonnay - Oaky


Over six centuries of experience in some of the best soil Italy has to offer. Young gun winemakers may be the "it" crowd these days, but sometimes you just can't top the sheer taste of practiced perfection that is the Sala Bramito Chardonnay.

A philosophy that looks to the new whilst appreciating the old, the Castello Della Sala Bramito is a Chardonnay that speaks to the cool-climate of its region near the castle-flanked city of Orvieto. Bursting with tropical aromas, it's an oaky and complex Chardonnay that dips its toes into the more savoury end of the spectrum with an elegant 600-year-honed balance and simply insane value to boot.

Great wines age like champions and great winemakers like the Antinori-owned Castello Della age even better. With taste this amazing, we're excited for the next six centuries. Get drinking with the Sala Bramito and get giddy!