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Jean-Baptiste Souillard
France - Cotes Du Rhone
White Varietal - Dry


A wine that tells a story of the land and the people who crafted it. As you pour it into the glass, its golden hue glows like the sun over a bountiful vineyard. The nose is a dance of ripe pears, honeyed apricots, and a touch of wildflowers, whispering tales of the countryside.. Juicy stone fruits intertwine with notes of toasted nuts and a hint of citrus, creating a symphony on the palate. The wine's rich texture and refreshing acidity add a touch of rustic charm, making it a perfect companion for hearty meals and lively gatherings.

Jean-Baptiste Souillard Marsanne 2021 is a celebration of the land's bounty, a tribute to the tireless work of the winemaker and the magic of the Marsanne grape. It's a wine that speaks of heritage and passion, leaving you with a lingering sense of connection to the vineyards that nurtured it.