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Pinot Gris
Joseph Cattin
France - Alsace
White Varietal - Fruity
Vegan Friendly


The label "AOC Alsace Grand Cru" is your golden ticket to a world of top-tier wine. Grand Cru wines demand nothing less than hand-harvested grapes cultivated in meticulously designated vineyard zones, and in this instance, we're talking about the esteemed HATSCHBOURG area. These wines are the epitome of gastronomic delight, capable of complementing every course on your menu.

They possess a delightful hint of sweetness but don't be fooled – they pack a powerful punch with smoky and subtle undertones that dance on your palate. You'll discover a charming interplay of honey and the richness of cooked apricots, all harmonizing with a finish that's nothing short of enchantingly complex

This is a wine of outstanding quality, one that can gracefully mature for up to a decade in your cellar, promising a remarkable journey through time.