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Pinot Blanc
Joseph Cattin
France - Alsace
White Varietal - Dry
Vegan Friendly


Behold a glass of pure sunshine, a crystal-clear, pale lemon elixir with just a touch of green undertones. The aroma? It's like biting into a crisp, Granny Smith apple while wandering through a garden of delicate white blooms. Sip, and you'll discover a refreshing, fruit-forward delight with a hint of floral finesse that dances on the tongue. The finish? It's as crisp and long-lasting as an encore that leaves you yearning for more.

This Pinot Blanc is as versatile chameleon. It cozies up to salads, raw seafood, and quiches like they're old friends. It's equally at ease with white meats, embracing chicken with open arms, and it's the seafood's favourite dance partner, especially with mussels. Even when mingling with light cheeses like gruyère and brie, it knows how to steal the show.

Here's a dry white wine that's truly exceptional, a star in our imported white wine constellation. It's like bottled brilliance that never goes out of style!