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Madre Mezcal


Madre Mezcal is a collaboration between American brand founders and the Oaxacan family Morales' palenque. Certified Artesanal, meaning agave piñas are traditionally roasted in fire pits for up to five days and crushed using a horse-drawn tahona (stone wheel). Fermentation occurs outside in tinas (or oak vats) relying only on the microbe-rich airborne yeasts. The final process is double-distillation in two small wood-fired, heirloom copper stills.

Importantly, at the corazón of this collaboration both sides of this brand believe that Mezcal’s signature smokiness, which comes from roasting the agave heart in rock-lined pits before fermentation, can sometimes obscure the plant’s vibrant, site-driven qualities. To this end, the Morales palenque does not allow the thick smoke from the roasting to infiltrate the fermentation and distillation processes, by making sure this takes place on different days.

This creates a clean and pure flavour profile with great respect for its raw ingredient's terroir, weaving a complex palate of mineral, floral and herbal flavours. Smoke is still present, but it doesn't dominate. In the Ensamble this is even more evident thanks to the slow-growing, semi-wild agave Cuishe that, while hard to work with, brings crispness and a savoury edge to balance the intensity of the sweeter Espadin agave.

“This Ensamble is made using Espadín and Cuishe agave, and serves rich tropical fruit and bonfire smoke notes that flow from nose to palate. Its alcohol content ups the intensity of those aromas and flavors, delivering a well-balanced experience and an approachable introduction to the category.” Vinepair (15 best Mezcal brands and best Mezcals for sipping 2022)