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Dandelion Vineyards
Adelaide Hills
Chardonnay - Oaky


A dry yet pleasantly soft Chardonnay with a pronounced acidic backbone that firmly anchors it within the realm of Chardonnay characteristics. The wine delivers a delightful return of stone fruits accompanied by a touch of exotic guava. Its appeal lies in the balance of good grip and texture, interwoven with a subtle steely minerality. A harmonious interplay between rainwater-like freshness and Chardonnay's fruit intensity creates a captivating white wine experience that keeps you intrigued.

Handpicked from Dandelion Vineyards' finest Chardonnay Vineyard in the heart of the Adelaide Hills, these grapes were harvested in the late March twilight, preserving the Chardonnay's natural acidity in the cool evening air.

'The Twilight of the Adelaide Hills' Chardonnay has been bottled after nine months of minimal winemaking intervention, a testament to the vineyard's essence captured in a bottle.