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Dandelion Vineyards
Barossa Valley
Shiraz - Full Bodied
Vegan Friendly


This wine presents an intense crimson hue accented by vibrant, youthful purple undertones. As you raise the glass to your nose, a symphony of aromas unfolds—elevated notes of blue fruits, blood plum, and ripe blackberries take centre stage, harmonizing with the reminiscent spices of a Christmas pudding. Hints of spicy pepper, bramble, and dark chocolate add depth to this aromatic ensemble.

Upon the first sip, your palate is embraced by a generous wave of flavours. Sweet blackberry, raspberry, and plums dance across the taste buds, accompanied by an abundance of sweet spices that coat the mouth in an indulgent manner. The wine's structure is underpinned by firm yet finely woven tannins, which play a supporting role throughout the extended palate experience.

The dark chocolaty nuances persist, creating a delightful contrast with the vibrant fruit flavours. As you savour this wine, its youthful character shines brightly, carrying you through to a satisfying and lasting finish that leaves a memorable impression.