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Shiraz, Riesling
Dandelion Vineyards
McLaren Vale
Shiraz - Full Bodied
Vegan Friendly


This wine unfolds like a captivating bouquet of rose petals, offering a delightful interplay of summer pudding with elevated red fruits, berries, and a hint of zesty lime marmalade—a result of the intriguing co-fermentation process with the aromatic Eden Valley Riesling.

Wild cherries, blueberries, and mulberries take center stage, and their vibrant flavors are complemented by an impressive structural foundation, harmoniously intertwined with notes of spicy oak.

The palate experience is nothing short of opulent, where intense red berries take the lead, gracefully balanced by the embrace of soft, velvety tannins and the gentle influence of supple oak.

This wine concludes with an intriguing finish, a testament to the unique and enlightened co-fermentation process that elevates it beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression that lingers on the palate.