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Delinquente Wine Co
Adelaide Hills
White Varietal - Dry


"Sometimes you've got to go home with a bunch of grapes who're ugly as sin". Proving that ugliness and deliciousness aren't mutually exclusive, the Screaming Betty will have you doing a lot less hollerin' and a lot more swallowin'.

Originating in the Sardinia region of Italy, this Vermentino-packed drop of distinction from the singular Delinquente is one that you'll want to scream about once you're done gulping - if you're ever done, that is. Citrus hits from a clean, crisp and florally lifted band of grapes, the Screaming Betty ain't no "one glass wonder".

So warm up those vocal chords and get howling while you can, because once you try the Screaming Betty, ain't nothing else coming in or going out of that lucky gob of yours.